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           Born and raised in Poland, I immigrated to United States in 1990, soon garnering both professional experience as an actor and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Performance. I live and work in Chicago IL and Spring Green, WI, also spend few months a year painting in Carmel, CA.

         I have always been passionately focused on acting, so it took me years to realize that I had inherited the "genetic code" of my artist father, a painter with an insatiable need to create art. My full identity as an artist has emerged from the perfect symbiosis of performing and visual arts. Now I devote to painting every minute of my off-stage time. For me painting is a live process that goes through many changes. I paint fast, trying to capture with spontaneous strokes an intuitively organic moment. Using wide spectrum of colors, textures and techniques, I always search for a new way of expression, oscillating between abstract impressionism and abstract expressionism.

          I paint what I love, remember, experience, imagine, what I fear and desire - my world. I'm happy to share it with you.

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